scented wax sachet
scented wax sachet


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Use these floral scents to liven up your day, around your house or whenever you need a breathe of fresh air! These are crafted by Aunty Susan who wishes to gift you with the scents of her favourite flowers wherever you go. This sachet is part of a social enterprise project in partnership with Social Gifting and Aunty Susan.
Aunty Susan is undergoing stage 4 lung cancer treatment and is grounded at home. Through crafting, she gains strength and adopts the “never-say-die” attitude. Let us continue to inspire her with hope, patience and courage through her treatment.
Content: 1 x Scented Wax Sachet with inspirational ribbon
Size: ~6.5cm
Weight: ~24g
Material: Soy wax, dried flower, essential oil, satin ribbon
Packaging: Kraft paper bag
Note: Shapes will be randomly assigned. Pictures are for illustration purposes only.

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