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One of the enduring themes developed throughout the biblical story is waiting on God: this is an attitude of stubborn trust in the face of adversity and a way of looking at life that remains firmly anchored in hope.
Most of us live in a culture of immediacy where there is little tolerance for waiting, so there is mounting rage in the face of delays and setbacks: people act out their frustration and anger when what they want is not available instantly.
This book develops a counter-cultural spirituality– a way of being that is a real gift for our present time. It looks at models of waiting in the biblical story, examines the ordeal of fear and anxiety in the midst of life, and offers a way of living the prayer of the eucharist – “we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our saviour, Jesus Christ.”
Size: 147 x 207 x 19mm
Pages: 190
Author: Fr. Denis McBride, CSsR
Publisher: Redemptorist Publications

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